Waldboden im UV-Licht

Ultraviolet light photography At night with a tripod and UV flashlight in the forest on the hunt for nature shots of a different kind. Night Photography More nature

Georgia On My Mind…

Travel photography by Berlin based photographer Caroline Wimmer

Travel Documentation from Georgia June 2022 CaucasusKazbegi, Stepantsminda Mountain hikes, Gergeti Trinity Church and walk through the villages Pansheti and Achkhoti   Achalziche and Vardzia Hike on the edge of the Lesser Caucasus, walk around a cemetery in Achalziche and visit the cave town of Vardzia   At The Black SeaUreki and Kolkheti National Park […]


Frosty woods in Thuringia, Germany

landscape photography I nature documentation Winter Hikes through the Thuringian Mountains Winter in Berlin is often just very little fun. The more I enjoy visiting home in winter and hiking through the snowy mountaintops of the Thuringian woods. I just LOVE seeing the landscape bewitched by snow and frost. No matter if it`s bright sunshine, […]

Crete and Gavdos

Titel - Travel and landscape photography taken on the greek islands of Crete and Gavdos by Berlin based travel photographer Caroline Wimmer

Travel Documentary I Nature Photography 2016 2016 I was traveling the greek islands of Crete and Gavdos and fell in love right away. Travel Documentary More travel pics!

Shadyside Lights

Titel - Night photography, street photography. Longterm exposures taken in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA by Berlin based travel photographer Caroline Wimmer

Travel Photography I Night Photography  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2010. In 2010 I spent about two months in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.At night I strolled around the neighborhood of Shadyside with my camera and tripod.I collected a series of images of quiet and deserted streets and places. Published in: mologue magazine, 2011. Night Photography Show more travel pics!

The Blue Hour

Titel - Night photography and travel images by Berlin based travel photographer Caroline Wimmer taken in Olhao, Portugal during the blue hour

Travel Photography I Street Photography Olhão, Portugal The “blue hour” is this magic time between sunset and nightfall. The light has this strange quality that transforms the world into a mysterious place. During this time of day (it`s actually only 20 to 30 minutes) I strolled the cobblestone streets of Olhão, Portugal. To complete my […]

First Snow

Titel - Landscape photography and nature and travel shots by Berlin based photographer Caroline Wimmer from Saxon Switzerland on a snowy winter day, atmospheric Black-and-White Photography

Landscape I Nature Photography Winter hike through “Kirnitzschklamm” in Saxon Schwitzerland. Nature Images Show me more nature!

Lake Views

Nature and Landscape I am at the lake. Mostly Berlin and around, also up north. Nature Images Show me more!

Fly Agaric

Titel - Amanita Muscaria. Fly Agaric Mushrooms in all sizes and stages of development in the autumn woods of Germany by nature photographer Caroline Wimmer.

Nature Photography Amanita Muscaria are just very pretty and fascinating mushrooms. Whenever I hike through the woods in fall and come across one of them – or many – I have to capture them in all stages of developement Amanita Muscaria Show me more mushroom pics!

Magical Woods

Titel - Landscape and nature photography, images of magical woods by Berlin based nature photographer Caroline Wimmer.

Nature Photography I Landscape Images I very much enjoy strolling the woods with my camera, finding peace and happiness and training my eye at the same time. Landscape Images More nature and Landscape

Close Looks

Macro Photography I Nature Images With my 100mm macro-lens I hunt for the little things and details in city and nature. Closeup Show me more nature!

Foggy Day on Teneriffe

Titel - Landscape, travel and nature photography from Tenerife, Canary Islands, on a foggy day by Berlin based travel photographer Caroline Wimmer

Landscape Photography I Nature Photography Paisaje Lunar Teneriffe 2018 Landscape and Nature More nature

Mushroom Worlds

nature and close-up The past autumns I raided the woods for all kinds of mushrooms. The edible ones went into the basked, the others made patient photo models. More Nature Images Have a look!