Mushroom Kingdom

"Where secrets are kept"

Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms…  Edible. Poisonous. Fluorescent. Bioluminescent…
I love them and am fascinated by their shapes, colors, structures and their often idiosyncratic beauty.
This passion has driven me since I was a child and the trend continues to grow.
For my photo project, I trace them in their natural habitat, but I also breed them at home as willing photo models.
Over time, an extensive archive of mushroom photographs has been created.

My mushroom photography has developed from documentary images in the forest into increasing abstraction, staging and alienation.
Mushrooms are now increasingly a projection surface for my imagination. They are the protagonists of my world and with their help I create strange-looking worlds.
I want to capture the magic of their essence in my pictures.
I like to use the night, UV light and other “magic agents” to help with this.
My mushroom photos are windows to a world full of magic and wonder.
They show beings that exist in their own special reality, creatures of the night, mystical beings that cannot be grasped using normal parameters.

As darkness falls the world changes. The night makes the familiar seem strange, sometimes even scary.
The door is opened to the imagination for your own creations. My mushrooms are inhabitants of this nocturnal world, which can only be accessed via hidden paths. The viewer of the pictures is invited to follow me quietly into this hidden world.

This is and ongoing project.

 Stay tuned…