The Dreamlands

Still Photography / Behind the scenes In May 2023, the third block of shooting for the movie “The Dreamlands” took place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The film was shot in the Belitz manor house and at the Baltic Sea. As a stills photographer, I was there for a few days to capture the action on the film […]


experimental macro photography with drops shot by Berlin based photographer Caroline Wimmer

Portrait I Macro I Experimental Experimental photography Show me more!

Hikes in the Woods

Titel - Trippy visuals, pyschedelic composites and nature photography with some magic and otherworldliness by Berlin based photographer Caroline Wimmer.

Psychedelic Pictures Nature with some extra With this project I wanted toleave my usual paths with photography. Whereas I usually try to keep it low on retouch and composites with Photoshop, I did try the other extreme with this. And it is very much fun. Something different. Show more projects

Good Morning my Dear.

Titel - independent photography project by photographer Caroline Wimmer in cooperation with berlin based illustrator Sebastian Blinde shot at studio ATP4 at Treptower Park.

Photography and Illustration Project 2015 Since 2006 I very frequently co-operate with Berlin based Illustrator Sebastian Blinde on various projects.For this project he contributed outfits, styling and illustrations, also he has been the model. Show me more projects! I am happy to!

Studio 8

Titel - ´Interior shots and location photography of a Berlin bar in Wedding, Studio8, bei Berlin based photographer Caroline Wimmer

Interior and Location Interior Shots from beautiful Bar ” STUDIO8 Berlin” in Berlin Wedding. Location pictures You need atmospheric images of your event location? Get in touch

The Beast in Me.

Titel - spooky experimental photography by Berlin photographer Caroline Wimmer with leather designer crazy leather Berlin

Night Photography I Experimental Nighttime Story 2019 Model and Mask: Leather Designer Robby – Crazy Leather Berlin. Experiments Just for fun. Show more Projects

Performing Hemp

Titel - Photo documentation of a performance by Resi Bender in a costume made from hemp during the Artist Residency "The Martian Chronicles II" in Leonidio, Greece, by Berlin Portrait and Event photographer Caroline Wimmer.

Independent Photography Project “The Martian Chronicles II” Artist Residency LatoMeio-Projektin Leonidio, Greece, February 2020. Documentation, PortraitConceptual Costume Design: Eleni DanesiPerformer: Resi Bender Independent Photography Project I am always curious for exciting projects! What`s your idea?

Meet the Martians

Titel - Photographs of performers and artsists in costumes and make-up during artist residency in Greece in february 2020 by berlin photographer Caroline Wimmer

Independent Photography Project “The Martian Chronicles II” Artist Residency LatoMeio-Projektin Leonidio, Greece, February 2020. Performance, Portrait – Performer: Eleni Danesi, Artesmobiles, Resi Bender Independent Photography I am always interested in exciting co-operations! You got an idea?

The Witches Dance

Titel - Photo documentation of dancers and performers in crafted costumes performing at a bonfore during the artist residency in Greece in February 2020 by portrait and event photographer Caroline Wimmer from Berlin.

Independent Photography Project “The Martian Chronicles II” Artist Residenz LatoMeio-Projektin Leonidio, Greece, February 2020. Performance and costumes: Eleni Danesi, Resi Bender, Katja, Artemis, Bob Jones, Artesmobiles Independent Photography I am always open for exciting cooperations! What`s your idea?


Titel - Experimental Photo Shooting with Character Design Headpiece Moth by Illustrator Sebastian Blinde and Model Mina Medusa by Berlin Photographer Caroline Wimmer

Experimental Photography She dances in the night, dissolving into shadows and colorful light, going beyond the pale. Experimental photoshooting with Headpiece “Moth” Character Design  Sebastian Blinde.Model and Make-up Mina Medusa. Ideas for a shoot? I love working on ideas with other creative minds. Hit me!

Feed Your Head

White Rabbit. Animal photography by Berlin based photographer Caroline Wimmer.

animal portraits photo project with albino bunny, 2014 For this fun project I was tailgating Jefferson, the white rabbit, on his excursion through a market garden at lake Grienerick in Rheinsberg, Brandenburg. Bunny Photos More nature pictures!


Music Video Emel Mathlouthi

Still Photography   Im May 2019 I was on set of the music video shoot for tunesian singer- and songwriterin Emel Mathlouthi. Production: Partisan Records & Little Human RecordsMusic and Lyrics: Emel Mathlouthi MusicProduction: Emel Mathlouthi, Steve Moore, Karim Attoumane und Ryan Seaton Mixed by Chris TabronMastered by Heba KadryDancer: Ichi Go & Danilo AndresRegie: […]