ATP24 Backdrop Magic #4

8 new handpainted small backdrops in Berlin

Book your portrait photo sessi0n or rent a backdrop for your own photography.

Once again, I updated the small but fine range of hand-painted photo backgrounds at studio ATP24 and added eight new models. This time the backdrops are one size smaller, ideal for portrait sessions / headshots. But fashion photography or experimental projects are also possible.
Let’s go!

12 Purple Love (Front)

1,50 m x 1,60 m

12 Golden Brown

1,50 m x 1,60 m

13 Fancy old wall (front)

1,50 m x 1,60 m

13 true color Blue (Back)

14 greyish blue (Front)

1,50 m x 1,60 m

14 greenish blue (back)

15 brown Wall with blue (Front)

1,50 m x 1,60 m

15 hippie style (back)